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SunCatcher Warranty
Solar Golf Cart Charging System

Thirty Day Money Back Guarantee

TAKE A WHOLE MONTH and try SunCatcher for yourself. If it is not for you, all you have to do is return it to the manufacturer for a full refund of the purchase price. Must contact manufacturer prior to returning. (Shipping costs are not part of the purchase price.)

Warranty Period:

One year from date of purchase by the original owner, on all workmanship and parts.

Five years from date of purchase by the original owner to replace solar panels defective in producing power.

Ten years limited warranty from the date of purchase on the canopy. (Five years full and five years prorated)


Warranty Applies To:

Defects resulting or arising out of the manufacturing process.

Products bearing legible manufacturer's model and serial numbers. Replacement parts only, for the remainder of the original warranty.


Warranty Does Not Apply To:

Transportation damage.

Parts and service supplied or obtained from other than SunCatcher Golf.

Damage or failure as the result of abuse, improper use.


Consumer/Owner Responsibility:

To provide proof of the original date of purchase by means of a bill of sale verifying date.

To pay all costs to make the appliance readily accessible for service.

To ensure proper connection of the solar golf cart charging system.


For service under this warranty contact SunCatcher Golf. This warranty does not obligate us to replace the complete unit.

Serial Number(s): _________________________Owner:__________________

We thank you for purchasing our product. Each product is precision built, inspected and tested before leaving our warehouse.

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