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September 2008   The American Solar Energy Society is including a golf cart owned by Newt and Inez Stevens of Phoenix in their national tour.

Says the Stevens "The solar vehicle is really nice. All it needs to do is sit in the sun for an hour a day and it's ready to go. It never has to be plugged in. And it generates electricity each time we use it. My gas vehicle for the most part sits idle, taking up space. There's no need to use it much (or go to the gas station) anymore."

Read the full story here.

September 2007   We have been using our Club Car with the solar roof for approximately a month and have found it rarely needs charging. We are located in New York and use the cart daily on our 17 acre campus. It is stored outside and exposed to the sun throughout the day. We are very pleased with the Suncatcher and have recommended it to local golf courses.

James Burger

Tuxedo Park School

Tuxedo Park, New York

August 2007   I have had my SunCatcher installed for two months.  Not once  have I been close to empty on my charge.  The SunCatcher has  increased my driving time by 30%.  We had AAA Golf Carts, Inc. In The  Villages custom make the top to fit our Western Golf Cart which has a fabric lined top. Great job and it gets a lot of comments on the golf course.  We would recommend SunCatcher to anyone. 

Jerry and Lois Worlock

The Villages, Florida


The following article by Christine Giordano appeared in the April 19, 2007 edition of The Reporter In The Villages.

Part of the article highlights Jim Carlowski and his solar powered golf car.

The photograph is by Jannet Walsh of the Star Banner.

THE VILLAGES - Green energy is becoming synonymous with cost savings in some homes in The Villages.

When faced with staggering heating bills, these residents are shaving hundreds of dollars off their yearly costs through solar panels. Others are opting to harness sunpower for their golf carts and seeking nature's help to keep their lawns green.

Whether their methods are intended to save the green earth or save some green cash, residents are setting a trend as the country continues to seek ways to free itself from oil dependency and harmful emissions.

Riding the sun
Jim Carlowski, of Aalto Place, north of County Road 466, has been using a solar-powered golf cart to putt to courses far across The Villages - courses that might have required him to recharge his club car.

"I played Glenview; I drove there and back and didn't charge. I didn't charge it for days later," he said.

Normally, electric carts like Carlowski's require a special charger and an overnight plug-in session to renew their battery after a long trip. But Carlowski says he's been exploring and going days without a recharge.

The golfer's $1,500 rooftop solar panel powers his battery constantly, whether the day is cloudy or sunny. A little red light tells him his rooftop is gathering the sun's rays. He says the cart keeps up with other carts on the course, never slowing on an incline.

As The Villages stretches golf courses farther south, Carlowski remains free to explore.

"There's no golf course I can't go to," he said.

For more information about his cart, you can go to

Ed Johnson from Palm Springs, a snowbird from Canada, sent us these reports; other testimonials follow.

Summary of Period Jan. 11/06 - Mar. 31/06

Jan 11/06 - Feb.12/06 -Batteries fully charged by 110V AC on Jan. 10/06

99 Holes of golf

25  hr. usage (some capacity left)

19  hrs. time parked outside in the sun

Feb. 13/06 -Mar. 01/06 -Batteries fully charged by 110V AC on Feb. 12/06

81 holes

24 hrs. usage (light flashing)

10 hrs. time parked outside in the sun.

Mar. 02/06 - Mar. 15/06 - Batteries fully charged by 110V AC on Mar. 01/06

81 holes

20 hrs. usage (light flashing)

4 hrs. time parked outside in the sun

Mar. 15/06 - Mar. 31/06 - Batteries fully charged by 110V AC

72 holes

19  hrs. usage (25-30 % remaining in batteries)

5 hrs. time parked outside in the sun


333 holes of golf

89 hrs. usage (including golf plus minimal in-village driving)

4 - 110V AC battery charges

28 hrs. parked outside in sun

Temperatures over this period ranged from 70 degrees F to 85 degrees F (sunny with minimal cloud each day)


Suncatcher Golf Report

Arrived in Arizona Nov. 18/05

Installed: Nov. 20/05 Fully Charged Batteries

Usage Day One: Nov. 23/05 Cloudy

5 Hours.then car sat in garage 2  weeks

Usage Day Two: Dec. 12/05 Cloudy-60'F

2  Hours

Usage Day Three: Dec. 14/05 Sunny-65'F

5 Hours, battery gauge = 50-60% remaining

Usage Day Four: Dec. 18/05 Cloudy-65'F

3 Hours, battery gauge =30-35%

Recharge: After 15  Hours

Note: Golf Car was stored in garage when not in use

Usage Day One: Dec. 21/05 Sunny-70' F

4 Hours

Usage Day Two: Dec. 22/05 Sunny-70' F

2 Hours

Usage Day Three: Dec. 24/05

 Hour with lights on

Usage Day Four: Dec. 25/05 Sunny- 65-70' F

5 Hours

Usage Day Five: Dec. 26/05 Sunny-65-70' F

3 Hours

Battery gauge light "flashing"

Recharge: After 16 Hours

Note: Golf car was stored in garage when not in use

Usage Day One: Dec. 28/05 Sunny- 75' F

4 Hours

Usage Day Two: Dec. 30/05 Sunny- 65-70' F

5 Hours

Usage Day Three: Jan. 02/06 Sunny 65-70' F

Hour, battery gauge at 90%

Usage Day Four: Jan. 04/06 Sunny- 70' F

4 Hours

Usage Day Five: Jan. 08/06 Sunny- 70' F

4 Hours, battery gauge at 50%

Usage Day Six: Jan. 11/06 Sunny- 70' F

5 Hours, battery gauge light "flashing"

Recharge After 24 Hours

No explanation re: increased usage time


January 18, 2007


I installed a "Suncatcher" solar panel on my EZGO cart in the spring of 2006, and the performance of this product has GREATLY EXCEEDED my expectations.  Since I began using the panel I have NEVER needed to use an external power source to keep my batteries charged up.  I live on the island of Maui, Hawaii and leave the cart outside 24-7, consequently it is exposed to sunshine daily. It is noteworthy that the materials used are of first quality, and show no apparent signs of wearing.  I have crunched the numbers, and at our electricity rates this top should pay for itself in only a few years.  I have been totally satisfied with this product, and highly recommend it.  Thanks Bruce.


Maui HI

January 16, 2007

Bruce, the golf cart battery charger seems to be working great.  The charge guage has gone down slightly but we,ve had more clouds than usual & in the past the guage would have been down more then slightly.  We are very pleased with both product & follow up support.  We would definitely recommend this to friends.  Thanks again.   Nancy Mize

February 6, 2007

Bruce, we have had our golf cart charger over a month now.  A few days ago we had cloudy, rainy weather 2 or 3 days in a row (unusual for this area)  We used the cart a lot during that time & the charge got low.  For the 1st time we had to charge the battery which quickly charged & it remained charged.  Pretty good.  We use the cart daily.  We,would be happy to recommend your system to anyone considering a purchase.  We are definitely pleased! 

Thanks again   Nancy Mize   

PS.  remember we are dealing with old batteries that had to be charged every few days. 

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