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SunCatcher Solar Powered Golf Car Panels Recharge Electric Golf Car Batteries During Play.
Charging System Extends Battery Life Of Electric Golf Cars and Golf Carts


SunCatcher Golf is a manufacturer of the SunCatcher brand of solar powered roofs or tops for golf carts. Your electric golf car or golf cart can be outfitted to use our solar charging system. You'll save utility costs and contribute to our world in an environmentally friendly way.

SunCatcher developed the solar charging system, with leading course owners and electric car manufacturers  to be ultra reliable, easy to install, and maintenance-free. Designed to fit all major brands of golf and utility cars, SunCatcher tops  will convert your existing or new electric car fleet to solar power.

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SunCatcher is powered by state-of-the-art photovoltaic cells that produce electricity directly from sunlight - similar to solar-powered calculators and space satellites. SunCatcher's solar charging system directly powers the golf car when driven in daylight. When the golf car is at rest, SunCatcher charges the golf car battery. And SunCatcher's integrated charge controller ensures your batteries will not be overcharged by the sun.

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SunCatcher's design is completely solid state. With no moving parts, SunCatcher is designed for ongoing maintenance-free operation.
On those long summer days with multiple rounds, SunCatcher keeps your golf car in play all day - earning money instead of taking up space charging in the barn. As each golf car works harder, you need fewer golf cars  for the same level of quality service. SunCatcher also helps avoid those occasional mid-course failures that slow down play and that strand players.


SunCatcher's solar charging system price: Please contact us for a price.  There is also a 30 day money back guarantee. (Note: Cost fluctuating due to the Canadian dollar value.)


Reduce Recharging  Expenses

SunCatcher solar charging system operates and provides a constant charge even on cool and  cloudy days. SunCatcher produces the most savings during sunny weather  - conveniently when course usage is greatest. Every bit of solar electricity  reduces your recharging expenses. SunCatcher solar powered golf cars recharge a third  faster and use a third less energy than conventional cars. With SunCatcher,  you can stop worrying about tomorrow's uncertain electricity prices because it's quite likely the sun will be shining.

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