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SunCatcher Golf background
SunCatcher solar charging system for golf and utility vehicles was founded in February 2002, by Bruce Robinson.

In February 2002, Bruce first encountered this technology in Hawaii, while on a golfing vacation. He returned home and contacted the manufacturer in California regarding the business opportunity. The product was priced around the $2,000, which was too high for the market to bear.

Through further research and improvements to the technology and manufacturing process, the company was able to reduce the price point to a lower range, more acceptable to the market.


In October 2013, the company headquarter transferred to USA to further expand the business and optimize the distribution process.

Our objective for SunCatcher is to be able to have a vehicle through which we can work with the people in the golf industry, while contributing in some small way to the health of future generations by reducing the amount of global warming greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere. (and of course we want to spend more time on the course golfing!!!)

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