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View the video clip of the Suncatcher system!

SunCatcher - Solar Powered Golf Car Charging System
Solar powered charging system extends battery life on electric golf cars and saves electricity

Imagine..... A Golf Car With A Solar Powered Charging System That Charges Itself During Play,and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Reducing your electricity costs while extending the useful life of the golf car batteries,

And while you enjoy the electricity savings and improved dependability, your customers will value the peace of mind and satisfaction of peppy golf cars that are continuously charged with the SunCatcher solar charging system.

SunCatcher has produced a new commercial which has been appearing on the Golf Channel. You can now watch this video online. To start watching this commerical click for your format below.  You will be required to have Quicktime installed to view the Quicktime format. If you do not have Quicktime installed you can click here to install it.

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As well see our new photo gallery page for some of our custom carts we've created for our clientele.

Finally, SunCatcher, An Affordable Solution To The Problem of Electric Golf Cars Leaving Golfers Stranded Out On The Course!

Golf Cars Equipped With SunCatcher Solar Powered Charging Systems Make Golf Courses More Money. Here's A Quick Way To Double The Battery Life In Your Electric Golf Car, Improve Cash Flow And Make A Positive Contribution To The Environment!

Solar powered golf cars extend battery life. These solar powered golf cars use roof top solar panels to reduce up to 30% of the golf cars or golf carts charging costs. 

SunCatcher is a provider of solar panels. These solar panels work on all electric golf cars, carts and utility vehicles. SunCatcher solar charging system works on cloudy days as well as full sun days.

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